NZ Blood Services need your help

7 Jul

Team WUAFC blood drive

Western United AFC are always looking for ways to support out community and when NZ Blood Service reached out to us and explained the demand in Blood and Plasma donations we jumped at the opportunity to support them.

Presently we are spending millions of dollars importing specific Plasma product when we have the population to help make us more self-reliant, currently 96% of people within NZ do not donate, by improving this figure we can all contribute to supporting our own communities by donating blood and Plasma. The mission is to make Hamilton the Donor Capital of NZ and we need your help.

It's a quick and easy process you even with a Kit Kat and a coffee to go back to work with (or share with the rest of your team if you choose…)

If you can’t make it into the donor centre there are pop up venues happening all over Hamilton.

So join us in helping to build our fantastic community with the simple act of giving blood. For more information or if you are an existing donor feel free to reach and contact Scott Pearce at NZ Blood Service directly: or 027 260 5143.